The Golden Hate Episode 13


We start off the pod this week with my long journey in Kings Canyon National Park.  I was too tired to take any good pictures, but here is a pic of what Teddy (1:25) looks like and what I imagine I looked like making my way through the 7 mile hike.

Teddy and Julian
Ben Affleck arrives in Atlanta with an adorable bundle of fur for the kids!
Teddy and Julian hiking


In the NL West roundup (11:30), we discuss J.D. Martinez’s success so far as a Dback and his ability to see into the future…



Vic and I put our football minds to the test for NFC predictions (16:00).  A little more than 5 weeks until the 2017 NFL season kicks off and we are already hard at work, putting in the time and effort to try not to embarrass ourselves on these picks.

Julian’s NFC Predictions


  • Cardinals
  • Packers
  • Cowboys
  • Falcons


  • Seahawks
  • Vikings

Vic’s NFC Predictions 


  • Seahawks
  • Packers
  • Cowboys
  • Saints


  • Giants
  • Vikings


Movie time consists of our favorite spy movies after Vic went and saw Atomic Blonde.

I was struggling to come up with Spy favorites and had to be creative, leading me to Corky Romano.  This movie was the pinnacle of Chris Kattan’s career, a timeless classic that will live forever

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