The Golden Hate Episode 18


I kick off this week with the dramatic proclamation that the Arizona Cardinals season is over after the David Johnson week 1 injury.  Some will say there is a glimmer of hope that if the Cardinals can hang on until week 12, maybe DJ could come back and the team could go on an improbable playoff run.  I believe David Johnson returning for a playoff run is about as probable and my vertical jump returning to my 21-year-old form, it’s just not happening people.  Enjoy fantasy or the Dbacks playoff run, because the Cards are dead.



(45:50) We didn’t win the million we were both hoping for, but the fanduel $1,000,000 prize was within reach this week, just look at this weak lineup that changed rubes1978’s life forever.  Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.


(51:10) Vic got his IT on for movie time.  I would say the highlight is Vic’s ‘get off my lawn’ moment while watching the horror remake.  I may have to put my horror movie ban on hold for this one based on the movies blockbuster success.


Baseball was given the cold shoulder this week, but fear not seamheads!  We will be back Thursday with a big baseball segment, along with NFL Week 2 look ahead.

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