TGH-MNF & NFL Week 3


IMG_0210 2


A wild week 3 in the NFL came to an end last night with the Cowboys victory over my Cardinals on MNF.  Jerry Jones made sure the camera knew he was taking a knee with his players (pictured above), and I got into a slight twitter tiff (5:15) with Scott Pianowski, Yahoo Fantasy guru.




3 things you need to know after week 3 consists of me addressing the possibility of jumping the gun last week on the downfall of Demarco Murray.  I don’t run from a cold take, because I would be a cross country star if I did.




We wrap up the show with a special Hate in my Heart (37:16), a PSA for all Dbacks fans attending the Wildcard game in Phoenix, an imposter will be among you.  David Weinberg (pictured above, far right) has decided to enter a place where he doesn’t belong, the Wildcard game.  The man has given every Dbacks jab known to man since I met him in college, and his reign of terror must be stopped.  If you spot him at the game…just greet him by dumping the final swig of your beer on his head, I don’t think he will post snaps celebrating a Dbacks loss if he’s soaked.  And if the Dbacks win, it’s a celebratory shower, win-win…just a thought.


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