The Golden Hate is sprung after Springer and the Astros celebrated a World Series championship at Dodger Stadium!


The wait extends to at least 30 years for a Dodger World Series victory and the Golden Hate team couldn’t be more thrilled.

We kick off the show with our game 7 reactions.  (5:16) In my praise of the Astros bullpen and Brad Peacock, I️ describe a psychedelic peacock gif that had me shook.


(8:55) Matt, David and I️ each give our main reasons why the Dodgers lost.  Game 2, Dave Roberts being outmanaged, and the heart of the order not performing for LA…the Dodgers will be haunted by this one FOREVERRRRR.

We go over some more World Series tidbits, including Puig’s blue hair misstep (37:33).  You can probably tell by my tweet below that I’m not a big Puig guy.


(52:15) A very special Hate in my Heart segment to end the show, giving me a chance to highlight my HOF tweet after the Dodgers L last night.

Shouldn’t have fucked with the pool, Dodgers!

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