TGH-Goff and Wentz, Fantasy Football Weeks 10-17, and ‘Stranger Things 2’


The Golden Hate is live!  We kick off this week praising the 2016 #1 and #2 overall picks (Goff and Wentz) and how they are finding early success.


We follow that up with Jameis Winston (7:05) losing every ounce of street cred after his cringeworthy “Eat a W” speech.


(18:00) Matt and I discuss some long term deals that took place in XOXO Football and how we see weeks 10-17 shaking out for the rest of the fantasy season.



(51:20) Onto the good stuff, ‘Stranger Things 2’.  I️ kick off the Other 33% with my proclamation that ST2 is the best show out there.  The GOT faithful are standing strong, but ‘Stranger Things’ is nipping at their heels.

We get into what we liked/disliked, new characters, and how the show is appealing to so many age demographics.

One of the new characters, Billy, is a wild child and Nancy’s mom is ready to risk it all.  Billy’s hair looks like something right out of ‘The Lost Boys’, and I’m all in for more Billy next season.

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