TGH-NFL Week 10-3 Things, NL MVP, 140 to 280 Characters



We kick off the show with a bad 24 hours for ya boy.  A fantasy beatdown at the hands of Matt Reeg (pictured above) and a numb face from a dentist visit had me heated.

Jerry and his team

Matt and I continued to battle on the state of the Dallas Cowboys after their 27-7 loss to Atlanta last Sunday.

Matt thinks they are done without Zeke, I think Dak can still lead them to success without their star RB, and Dallas (Hunter) is somewhere in the middle.


Baseball season has ended, but offseason baseball has just begun (33:20).  We get into Charlie Blackmon getting snubbed by the MVP voters and who we think takes home the award this week.  We also touch on Stanton trade rumors and where J.D. Martinez will land in free agency.  J.D. did like a Dbacks picture Monday night on IG (pictured above) so maybe his heart is in Phoenix?!?

In the Other 33% (52:06), I have some words for the 280 character haters out there, and I share why I have such an appreciation for the blue bird.  The truth is, Matt, Dallas and myself need some more followers, help us if you can!



@goodboyMD (doesn’t exist yet, Matt’s dragging his feet)

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