TGH-Rafael Palmeiro Comeback, FanDuel Week 14, and Spotify’s Most Streamed 2017


We kick off this week’s episode with the news that Rafael Palmeiro, 53, wants to make a MLB comeback.  This delusional fantasy lead to Matt and I pondering what it would take for athletic comebacks of our own.

(16:20) We discuss the many faces of OBJ’s leg sleeve.  From The Joker to Lil’ Wayne, Odell has many heroes, I guess.

(21:37) Week 14 is almost here, here is what we got in terms of FanDuel:

Julian’s Lineup

  • Jimmy Garoppolo $7,000
  • Mike Davis $5,500
  • LeSean McCoy $9,000
  • Trent Taylor $4,500
  • Keenan Allen $8,400
  • Adam Thielen $7,500
  • Travis Kelce $8,000
  • Graham Gano $4,800
  • Bills D $5,300

Matt’s Lineup

  • Philip Rivers $8,100
  • LeSean McCoy $9,100
  • Derrick Henry $6,000
  • Keenan Allen $8,400
  • Marvin Jones Jr. $7,000
  • Terrance Williams $5,300
  • Evan Engram $6,600
  • Dan Bailey $4,800
  • Vikings D $4,600

(35:25) We go over Spotify’s most streamed music of 2017 and list our favorite music of the year.

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