TGH-Chiefs blew it, Rams blew it, and Golden Globes

The Monday edition of The Golden Hate Podcast is a treat.  First lady of hate, Gia, was (virtually) in the building for a variety of topics.

We started with the Wild Card Weekend and the teams that blew it.  Gia has some Kansas City ties and shared her pain after the Chiefs blew an 18 point lead.  This transitioned into an Alex Smith to the Cardinals discussion, which looks imminent at this point.

(7:24) I feel like the Rams are getting a pass after their defeat at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons Saturday night, and I just want to point that out.  Young team, but still a waste to go out in the first round like that.

After a look ahead to the Divisional Round matchups, Gia and I get into a discussion as to what a woman thinks of watching football for 14 hours in a weekend.


(19:27) Golden Globes 2018 – The Other 33% was right in Gia’s wheelhouse as we get into who rocked the red carpet.  Gia was higher on Sharon Stone than I, but we let you be the judge (pictured above).

From James Franco’s stiff arm to Oprah’s home run acceptance speech, The Golden Hate has got you covered.

P.S. F Rally Granny.

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