Watching March Madness at a Bar With No Sound is Hell

You are still watching the games, who cares about the sound?  I care.

The audio cues are crucial in a bar environment.  There is a lot going on, and you need to hear the crowd or an announcer losing his shit to know when to look.

I’d say you have about a 20% chance of going to a bar with audio up for March Madness.

Should I ask the bartender to put the sound on?  You have a better chance of hitting a 3 in one of these games than getting a bartender to turn off music and put the sound from a game on.

I can’t even hear the music playing in the bar, all I can hear is other people talking.  Why are they talking?  Because there is no audio and it’s hard to pay attention .

Instead of enjoying the games, my mind starts to wander.  Twitter leads me to the new Lil’ Dicky-Chris Brown song (which is hilarious, link below, but that’s not the point).


The point is, day 1 of March Madness is a big enough deal to turn on the audio.  Just trying to help the bars of America be as great as I know they can be.


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