TGH-R.I.P. UofA Hoops, Fantasy Baseball SZN, and Sports Movies

We kick off the show with the tail of how I had my beloved Fresno Foxes head taken away.  Gia and I describe a series of events after the inaugural Fresno Football Club Foxes game Saturday night that lead to a Fox controversy nobody was ready for.


(10:46) The first weekend of the tourney has come and gone, and UofA’s nightmare season had a nightmare ending.  As a Sun Devil, I gloss over ASU’s early exit from the tourney and mainly focus on the demise of the University of Arizona’s sacred basketball program.

(18:27) As fun as March Madness is, nothing compares to Fantasy Baseball SZN.  Gia and I talk about the good and the bad that comes from a 6-month-long game.

(28:27) The amazing Sandlot reenactment by the Milwaukee Brewers was the best thing I’ve seen in some time.  Vogt, Yellich, and Sogard are the MVPs of this video by far.  This video gave me the inspiration for a favorite sports movies Other 33%.  So many to choose from, but we gave our best shot at narrowing it down to a few.

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