TGH-The Shohei Show, Dbacks 2018 World Series Champs, and Africa Splitting Into Two


We kick off the show with a quick Shohei lovefest.  Gia has a new celebrity crush, and so do I to be honest.

(2:45) The real meat and potatoes of The Golden Hate starts with the NL West, and I’m all in on the Dbacks.  I have proclaimed the Dbacks NL West and World Series champs after 9 games, get your bets in.  I give my thoughts on the status of the division and the demise of the Dodgers (so far, hopefully the demise continues).


(16:00) The Other 33% is some extreme overreaction to Africa SLOWLYYY splitting into 2 (here is the link) and Ronda Rousey at Wrestemania.  Gia is a closet wrestling fan and gave her thoughts on Ronda’s move to WWE.

(21:00) Hate in your Heart was one for the ages.  The yodeling Walmart kid remix is an all-time boner jam, Gia disagrees.  Here are the link for Walmart kid remix and other remixes I mention that I’m a big fan of:





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