Goodbye Gronk, March Madness is driving Olivia Mad, Baseball’s Best and Worst Uniforms, and an Overdue Review of ‘Fever Pitch’


We start this episode with a goodbye to Gronk and take a quick look back at the tight end’s career.

(5:30) ON THIS DAY… a lot happened in sports history! We look back at some of the biggest moments on March 24 throughout the years…. and one of them includes a bird exploding in mid-air.

(11:15) MARCH MADNESS is actually driving Olivia mad… We give an update on the NCAA Tournament and brace Olivia for the next two weeks of games.

(25:48) FANTASY PREDICTIONS: Opening day is this week, so we asked the boys of XOXO, Baseball to give us their boldest predictions for the upcoming season. Julian breaks down a few and gives a prediction of his own.

(39:09) MLB UNIFORM RANKINGS: The Dbacks uniforms were ranked worst in the MLB… but the A’s were at the top of the list. From pinstripes to cut-off sleeves, we go through some of our favorite looks on the diamond.

(45:40) OVERDUE REVIEW: Olivia watched the movie, “Fever Pitch” for the first time this week. She gives her review of the film (about 14 years after it was released) and explains how it might have changed her perspective on what it means to be a fan.


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