Worst Start Imaginable for Dbacks, the Zion Tattoo, and State Park Mysteries


The Dbacks had the worst possible start to the season imaginable. Goldy’s on fire, Pollock’s on fire, and the Dbacks season may be on fire. Is there any hope for the snakes in 2019??

(19:20) JULIAN’S ZION TATTOO — Zion’s March Madness run is over, but his future is bright. If the Suns get the #1 overall pick, Julian is going to get a Zion tattoo… much to Olivia’s dismay.

(27:44) ANNOYING ADS — It’s the beginning of baseball season and there’s one thing we can be sure of: We’re going to get sick of the same commercials playing during every single break. We talk about some of our favorite and most-hated ads (we’re looking at you, Buster Posey.)

(34:46) NATIONAL PARK MYSTERIES? — Bigfoot, Aliens, Mythical creatures? Could they have anything to do with mysteries is national parks. Julian’s crazy side comes out and Olivia shares her own bone-chilling experience during a backpacking trip in Big Sur.


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