Kyler Forever, the Effing Cubs, The Great Gatsby Stinks & Guava Island Doesn’t Stink


If you’re not a fan of Game of Thrones or you don’t want spoilers, just skip about 10 minutes ahead… you’ve been warned!

(10:07) #KARDSGOTKYLER — Kyler Murray is the new face of the Arizona Cardinals and Julian has a message for any fans who say they should have kept Josh Rosen.

(23:22) THE EFFING CUBS — We had a listener specifically request that we talk about the Cubs, so we thought this would be the perfect episode because they just played the Dbacks… and won the series.

(34:20) OVERDUE REVIEW — Kyler Murray wore a light pink suit to the NFL Draft in honor of his favorite movie, The Great Gatsby. Julian watched the film for the first time and pretty much hated it. But we also watched Childish Gambino’s new film, Guava Island. We’ll give you our take on both.

(47:37) OTHER 33 — It seems like everyone is talking about Avengers Endgame, but we don’t really care. Why we probably won’t bother seeing Marvel’s latest superhero installment.


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