An Arizona fan moves to California and meets a girl who can’t stand sports.

This is their podcast.



Julian Olivas, a wildcard born in the Valley of the Sun, created The Golden Hate in his quest to fight the good fight for AZ sports.

His hate for the Dodgers and Giants is unrivaled.



B94ED648-326D-4B36-A672-A9E716C2104COlivia DeGennaro is a California girl through-and-through.

She grew up in a household that NEVER watched sports and, before meeting Julian, pretty much despised them.

In her effort to learn to love the sports world, Olivia joins The Golden Hate to bring the mostly-indifferent California perspective to the pod.



MAURICE (MO)  |  official mascot

B0D39BD5-1E2D-49BA-8827-44A467460BF5Maurice doesn’t know what a podcast is, but he’s here to provide lots of snuggles, support, and the occasional fart.

You may hear him trotting around our in-home recording studio (aka living room) in his constant need for attention… he is an Aries after all!



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