Greinke’s Growing Golden Locks, J-Lo and AROD are engaged, and Taylor Swift is getting old



We start off this episode of the podcast with some breaking news: Adam Jones signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks. We break down why the Dirty D’s signed the veteran outfielder for such a bargain.

(8:35) FLOW GODS: Zack Greinke’s is sporting longer locks at Spring Training. This inspired us to talk about the best (and worst) hairstyles in the MLB.

(24:10) Antonio Brown is an Oakland Raider, but where will he play his first home game in silver and black? We give an update on the pending stadium deal in Oakland and why it could all come to a head this week.

(30:15) POWER COUPLES: J-Rod is engaged! Alex Rodriquez proposed to Jennifer Lopez over the weekend, making them arguably the most powerful celebrity couple. We take a look back at some of the most notable athlete-celebrity unions in American history.

(44:45) OTHER 33: Taylor Swift will turn 30 this year, which means we’re all getting old. On the heels of her new article in Elle Magazine, titled “30 Things I Learned Before Turning 30,’ we share some of the biggest lessons we’ve learned in our early lives.


A Sacramento Kings Dilemma, Rosen-Murray Astrological Signs, & John Candy Love


We kick off the show with the introduction of our new cohost, Olivia, and the dilemma Julian is facing with the Sacramento Kings on the brink of a playoff birth.

(23:11) Olivia is the guide to the stars in astroBALLogy, where she gives an astrology reading of current Arizona Cardinals QB Josh Rosen, and potential number one pick Kyler Murray.

(41:36) The Other 33 – A tribute to John Candy on the 25th anniversary of his death, and this sparks a discussion of the cutoff age to qualify as a “90s kid”.



Goodbye, Goldy



Paul Goldschmidt is gone.  Everyone is mad/sad.  Let’s talk about it.

Matt and I share our favorite Goldy memories and discuss midsize market hell in MLB.  We are optimistic that this trade could be a good thing, but are still sad.

It’s just sad.


David Peralta is Pretty Good!


David Peralta is quietly having a bangin’ year at age 30.  21 homeruns, .303 BA, and an .889 OPS in 107 games this season.  Josh and I start off the show with praise for the Dbacks outfielder, and get into Dodgers and Rockies pitching in the NL West roundup.



(9:20) In ’18 XOXO baseball, the playoff teams are set.  Josh, Shannon, myself, and Justin are all in and we all give our ’18 fantasy baseball MVPs, LVPs, and why we think our teams will prevail.



(32:27) The Other 33 – The Meg came out this weekend and I went to check it out.  The rest of America also checked it out because it was number 1 at the box office this weekend, hauling in 44.5 million.  Josh and I discuss why people love shark movies and what scares us in the wild.

TGH Podcast – Prisoner of the Moment Dbacks Twitter

Why don’t Dbacks fans believe in their team?  A question I ask myself when I go to Twitter.  Lots of “Dbacks should sell” tweets these days, and I’m not a fan.  Josh, Cole and I give our two cents on the Dbacks playoff push and how dumb fans can be.

Before the Dbacks however, a fantasy discussion that’s been brewing for over a year.  Fantasy enemy, Cole, makes his TGH debut and defends himself after being bashed for a year on the show.

(23:00) The MLB playoffs are just around the corner, so we gave our predictions for who we think the five playoff teams from each league will be.

TGH – Suns and Kings Fans Unite Against Luka Doncic

The Golden Hate Podcast returns with a bang.  David (Kings) and I (Suns) discuss how we will live in fear that our teams will go down in history as the teams that passed on Luka Doncic.

(Ringer video i referred to @ (17:43)

Despite my fear, I have potentially gone off the rails and proclaim that Deandre Ayton is already better than Karl-Anthony Towns.

(20:50) David and I dig into some much needed fantasy baseball talk.  I get into my reasoning behind shipping off one of my favorite players, Noah Syndergaard, in a blockbuster XOXO deal.  I love you, Noah.  I’m sorry.

Next, we give our biggest disappointments thus far in the 2018 season.  Lots of regret from us both in this department.